Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe

Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe

I was wondering when the other shoe would drop. The Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe just did. After TIME released a gravel pedal—despite that designation I use it for everything—shoes were sure to follow.

I think any cyclists that have spent time on gravel knows their current shoes aren’t specifically built for the application. Road shoes are too stiff and mountain too clunky. A gravel shoe is in between the two.

Finally, someone is making one.

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Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe
Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe

Way back, before adventure was labelled as gravel, I had a pair of Vittorias made for me. They glued a retro leather upper onto a mountain sole. They’re amazing. I hope the GR2 and gravel shoes to follow are as good.

According to Bontrager, the GR2 is purpose-built for gravel. Like the Cyclo pedal, it’s perfect for a multitude of off-road surfaces. In a few product cycles, expect that you’ll have just one shoe for dirt, road, and anything in between.

Constructed with easily adjustable laces, a grippy foray outsole for added stability on rough terrain, and durable synthetic leather upper, the GR2 also has GnarGuard abrasion resistance.

Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe

  • In the comfort zone—a durable synthetic leather upper cradles your foot in comfort and stands up to the daily abuse of even the toughest trails.
  • Just-right fit—inForm Race last offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit for long days on and off the bike.
  • Sensibly stiff—A nylon composite Bronze Series sole provides stiff-yet-walkable performance with a stiffness index of 6 of 14.
  • Classic looks, modern features—A durable, traditional lace closure system with a convenient elastic lace keeper allows for infinite adjustability and quick replacements if needed.
  • Ready to roam—A 2-bolt SBD-compatible Tachyon rubber outsole gives you a better grip on all terrains.
  • Scuff saver—GnarGuard rubberized coating on the toe and heel adds durability and protects against abrasions and debris.

The new Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe costs $139.99 MSRP online and through Trek retailers.

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