What is Flickr Doing Now? It’s 2020

What is Flickr Doing Now? It's 2020

Just as I was wondering what is Flickr doing now, my friend Ted Forbes uploading a video asking the same thing. Ted has a habit of tapping into current thinking and, honestly, who doesn’t want know where the best place to store and share their photo is.

Google Photos isn’t it. And, we’ve shared tens of thousands of photos over the years on Flickr.

What’s left of G+, works well for personal use, but the logins and accounts required for everyone else are just too cumbersome. I’ve been sitting on any new uploads since the Yahoo service was sold like 3 owners ago.

In the video, Ted asks

Flickr has announced a raise in prices on all Pro plans stating that the service is simply too expensive to run without the change. This has caused a bit of a stir with Pro users on the platform and rightfully so. Is Flickr still a relevant service? Is it worth paying more for?

On Twitter, Flickr’s CEO responded to Ted with a few tweets from me. I’m going to give the update a try. I take a ton of photos and share like 1% of them on Instagram.

According to this post, Flickr ultimately has updates coming. After the upgrade, I’ll answer for myself what is Flickr doing now.

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