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Over the weekend, a brief flurry of bike-related Twitter activity followed Xeni Jardin’s tweet that

I have joined the rare and hallowed ranks of People Who Will Not Shut The Fuck Up About Bicycles.

Xeni is the Curator of Internet Esoterica, Anomalies, and Curiosities @boingboing, a blog we often refer to when explaining to our bike peeps what it is we do.

A few weeks ago, we published a few irreverent predictions about 2010. If we were to think more seriously about what’s going to happen this year, it’s more crossover of bike culture into the geek and mainstream media. 09 had bloggers spotting fashion, celebs, fixed worldwide, cargo, and of course racing. One of the highlights for me, was presenting at the high-geek Gnomedex about us people who ride bikes and don’t shut up about them.

Since 2004, Xeni has periodically blogged about the bike from the Maker point of view:


We hope she posts more like this and whatever bike she’s riding and the places she rides. That intersection of tech, geek, creatives, and bikes is what we’re doing here and at them Mobile Socials.

Photo by Tyler Hicks from a NY Times story on elaborate bicycle stereos.

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