A Bicycle without a Seat

The New Year brought an interesting spike in my newsreader with opinion writers commenting on a new California law regarding bicycles without seats. It’s now legal to ride a bike without a seat in California, if that bike was designed to not have a seat. Don’t know how many bikes there are without seats. We noticed the Fastboy assless last year


and it was made because Fast Boy is teaching cancer to cry. Fast Boy is in NYC so it’s more likely the law is related to the elliptiGO, an outdoor elliptical road bike.


That company is getting press and if they’ve got the juice to get laws passed, good on them. The elliptiGO reminded me of what Henry said to us last year when we visited WorkCycles during the Mobile Social Worldwide.

In the US, bikes are marketed as a fitness fantasy. In Amsterdam were sell transportation.

And in Luxemborg you still can’t have a bike without a seat.

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