Lance’s Comeback 2.0

En route to the Bahamas, we stopped at an airport newstand and I flipped through Lance’s new book, Comeback 2.0: Up Close and Personal. The photos are remarkable. Just a year earlier we were riding in Kona while Lance and Liz, the photographer, were there.


nutella.png We never saw Lance, but every cyclist passing each other was checking to see if it was him. If you remember Lance’s reality show, the photos are even more behind the scenes. My favorite is the giant jar of Nutella.

More Books

Last year was a good year for bike books with 4 released on bike culture

Also see Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit. A favorite because the Hotspur is in it!

Nutella photo:Liz Kreutz appears on page 162 on Comeback 2.0.

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