A Magical MoSo at Interbike 11

After Vegas and a magical Mobile Social, we’re back in Seattle and at Starcrossed today. Metafilter is there with us sponsoring the Single Speed Eliminator race. What’s that?

SSCX Eliminator is an 8-up Cross race, under the lights, with BMX rules, and 2 advance.

I’m also racing Single Speed and not sure how I’ll feel after Interbike and the kind of night that had a BMX send off, strippers on a swing set, hookers telling us good job, a female bodybuilder, puppet show, and a dog with a camera.


also this Freaky Boomy thing


bikes and cyclists of all types.

cyclists of all types

and lots of Tern Bicycles

As I told Mark V, “if I’d woken up with a goat in my room would’ve said, ‘hey cool do you know that dog with the camera?’”

We’ll have full recaps and all the bike pr0n from Interbike as soon as we recover with another bottle of Nunn.

nuun man

Until then, see recaps from BikeBiz

There were fixies, there were folding bikes, there was a skidding trike, there were three boom box bikes, and there were full suss MTBs. All were welcome. Fixie chicks with thigh chainring tattoos mixed with execs in smartly-pressed shirts.

and VegasArts

the real treat was to see people riding kid-sized bikes strung with lights, bikes pulling speaker trailers, an adult-sized hot wheels trike, etc.

with thanks to New Belgium Brewery for throwing the block party.

Back to how I’ll feel in the race today … expect to see a Suffer Face.


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