Rolling Deep at Interbike 2011

Two Cups, One Guy

Before the Interbike Mobile Social on Thrusday, I stopped by the Tern Bicycles booth to down a couple of colas. I had learned my lesson from Interbike two years ago: in a desert environment, drinking hard liquor because I’m thirsty is a terrible idea. I call the photo above “Two cups, one guy”

Later that night Byron and I found ourselves at the sinks of the bar’s restroom, our wide-eyed reflections greeting us in the mirror. Byron quietly says, “Dude, I think this might be the best MoSo ever, ” and I respond, “How could it not be?”

I have often said that I hate Las Vegas, but I need to refine that statement: I don’t like Vegas, but the people of that city are simply awesome. Every local the MoSo ride came in contact with was just outstanding. Drivers waived at us, the bouncers were great dudes (Big D is the man!)…..even the hookers on the strip cheered us on. The energy of the night was just so good. And just about every colour of weird was represented…grown men on Big Wheels, miniature dogs with Go-cameras, electric-boosted tricycles drag-racing the group….though I didn’t see any Elvis impersonators, to be honest.

Thanks to so many people who made our night, especially the whole Tern crew, the Beat Coffee House, Interbike, Nuun, Green Guru, New Belgian Brewery (well done!), and all the bike people who came out to party with us.

Kim & Alexis

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