Joey Mullan’s Ragdoll at StarCrossed

Joey Mullan from Cyclocross Magazine rag dolls the barrier during a heat of the Single Speed Eliminator race at StarCrossed and we’re bumping this story to the front of the queue ahead of Interbike, CrossVegas, and the rest of the racing at StarCrossed cause it was so FREAKING AWESOME.

OMG Too Fast!

Bro flew up about 10 feet in the air, after coming in way to hot to the barrier and clipping it – no actually just running right into it at full speed! I was at the barriers taking photos, didn’t expect that, saw how fast he was going, and reacted. Then first on the scene, I told him how much he ruled as he writhed around for a while with a lower back cramp (I’d have gone to the hospital). After the medics arrived, he was OK!

Hits the barrier


Still Airborne

Drops and rolls

Continues to roll

Stops and writhes around for a while

Photo: First four Jaxon Suttlemyre from

There’s video of the crash and if you’ve got some, let us and Joey know. Cause this needs to go into a mix tape of the greatest Cross crashes ever. Crashing is part of Cross, especially into barriers, but this one was something special for the amount of air Joey got and how fast he went into that barrier with no fear.


And here’s the video from Eliza Penick.

High-rez photos on Flickr and G+

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