1000 Miles to Nome on a Bike

1000 Miles to Nome

I’m looking for an epic challenge, feeling good on the bike and riding more, but this 1000 Miles to Nome is way above any pay grade. Or endurance level.

From the trailer description, 1000 Miles of Nome is

  • Grueling and unforgiving terrain.
  • Wolf and bear tracks reminding you that you are not the king in this place.
  • Unimaginable and humbling beauty.
  • Unpredictable weather that tests even the most seasoned adventurer.
  • Isolation and self reflection.
  • Constantly fighting, reaching, crossing, and expanding both mental and physical limits.

It’s a story about Iditarod and told by CX Magazine photographer Dave Mable.

“1000 Miles to Nome” follows the racers, including several prominent gravel racers, as they rode the historic trail in spring of 2019. Mable used a crowdfunded campaign to produced, film and edit the film.

Mable’s challenges, apart from simply finding a way from one place to another, included filming in wide-ranging temperatures from 40 degrees above to 20 degrees below zero, blinding snowstorms, rugged mountain ranges and vast woodland forests, as well as on a pre-maturely melting Bering Sea.

Besides pedaling, I’ve love to know how Dave’s gear held up. Watch the trailer above. You can purchase and download the full-length movie from Expand Your Possible. CX magazine has a coupon.

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