Topeak HeadLux

I turned into a Fred pretty quickly by simply adding 2 “horns” to my helmet. The Topeak HeadLux was appealing because it was a simple way to add front and rear-facing lights to my helmet simply. The mount is pretty simple and mounted without issue. They aren’t overly heavy, but maybe a little noticeable. I prefer rechargeable, but instead they run on 2 pretty commonly available CR2032 batteries.

So far, they have been a pretty good setup. The forward-facing light has a nice side-benefit of letting me easily read my Garmin when I look down. My one knock on the HeadLux was that one light was being a little skiddish with a bad connection. I removed the batteries and re-attached the unit and it seemed to solve the problem. As far as visibility, the rear blinkers add a higher view flasher to my normal rear light. The forward facing light is bright enough that as I direct my head, drivers catch the light being shined their way. It may not look PRO, but it does the trick. A good add for my commute riding this winter.

Living the High Life

From the, “wear whatever you want” department is this Elite racer who wears a Miller High Life t-shirt. Potential nicknames include

  • Champagne!
  • Genuine Draft
  • High Life

or just T Fast.

The Twins

Spotted these big wheels in the Hugga HQ neighborhood. They’re ready for dispatch, at a moments notice, I think to fight a zombie horde or for a run to the Redbox at 7-Eleven. Powder Puff Girls style.

1972 Cycle Rama with Shimano

What were you doing in 72?

Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In the middle there, that’s Matsunaga-san (Shimano-Japan), Yoshi Shimano (Shimano America), Shozo Shimano (Shimano-Japan). This was before Dura Ace when they sold Eagle, Crane, and marketed a Servo Panta Mechanism. Also these Top Tube consoles for bikes with banana seats.


Top Tob Consoles were cool back then


Note that all the banana seats in these tradeshow photos Photo credit: Howie Cohen

In 1972 The Cycle Rama was held in WCC’s new Watsoncenter facility located in Carson, CA. This picture is of display boards of some of the popular parts/accessories that were sold at special prices at the Show

I was 5 in ‘72 and riding my big wheel everywhere.

Taking Better Bike Photos

A technical aside, behind-the-scenes type post, for photogs

I was reading camera reviews last night and linked to a fascinating video about CCD and CMOS from engineer/inventor Eric Fossum. CMOS Sensors are:

an integrated circuit containing an array of pixel sensors, each pixel containing a photodetector and an active amplifier.

Or as I describe it, “the thingy inside your camera that makes the pictures.”

I also read the DP Review forum thread about the video where Eric answers megapixel, dynamic range questions, and more. This is like Gordon Moore popping into a blog post about future processors from Intel or a Yoshi Shimano discussing 11 speed drivetrains.

When asked by a reader who wanted to learn more about CMOS, Eric wrote

“I’m sorry but I just don’t know of any intro-level books like that. Seems like there should be some general photography-audience books.”

There are intro-level books written by David Schloss, our Photo and Product Editor. David’s books explain how digital cameras work compared to film. Understanding how an image is rendered in camera has helped me in post production and more importantly, when I’m shooting. When the edges of chrome on a bike are blue, I know why and how to fix it in Aperture 3, like this one of a Hevic.

A noisy photo that was corrected in Aperture 3, using the C/A and Halo adjustments

Fancy yourself a DSLR prosumer and want to get better? I suggest you watch the video and download David’s books from iTunes. I’m plugging the books, not only cause he’s a Bro that takes amazing photos, but they’re that good.

I always say the same thing to cyclists that want to race, “read Eddy B’s Horse meat book, watch old tour tapes, ride 10 to 12 hours a week, and watch the Hell of the North.” Also, we shave our legs for a reason.

Get grounded in the basics, to get better. That applies to most everything, including bike photos.

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