Unicorns on Unicycles and Sexy E-Bikes

Yanko Design, the primary purveyor of fantasy cad bikes, posted this “racer bike” in their best of 11 design feature. I saw it in Guy Kawasaki’s G+ stream and it’s a comment getter, mostly, “LIKE & +1.”

Built-in fenders were thoughtful

Bloggers might as well post never before seen photos of Unicorns riding carbon unicycles with a disc brake, cause this is fantastical. Try to turn a hula hooped bike and it’ll immediately fall over. The direct drive with a prone fit means you better have a track star’s power in your thighs to pedal it. For good measure and to slide away under the designer’s desk, it folds too.

Also see this Samurai blade Odachi Folder that looks like a militarized Skuut. All CAD bikes should go through the basics of bike science filter before being posted to the Internets. In a century of two-wheeled machines, a few basic principles apply that nullify an ambitious designer’s imagination.

A militarized Skuut

If you ignore how Hadi Teherani poses with a bike like Bob Guccione did with his Penthouse Pets, you can see the potential in this new e-bike.

It’s going to take a designer outside of the bike industry to bring an e-bike that sells (really sells) to the US market. Trek had a bike like this a couple years ago, but they marketed clunky, heavy, hybrids instead.

TrekWorld: Phase Concept

The Phase Concept was never ridden outside of Trek’s HQ

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