Fav Bike Shops

We visit local shops when traveling to top off the air in the tires, buy a few items, and talk shop. I like to hear what’s happening in town, what’s selling or not, and meet the clientele. Shops maybe a local roadie hangout for urban commuters, or even an artist’s collective like the Asphalt Store in Poland. That shop is on the list to visit, cause like 14 Bike Co, they’re

Interested in forming new collaborations with international artists and encouraging them to create new work in their space.

Asphalt worked with London-based illustrator Ryan Todd on these shop window light boxes.

Photos by Michał Zachwieja

The 3 shops in Maui are there for the locals, tourists, rentals, tours and selling cruisers.

West Maui Cycles, South Maui, or the Maui Cyclery may not focus on fashion or fixed-gear trends, but all of them have routes to recommend, assorted stories, and the use of a pump.

One of my favorite and most memorable shop visits was at the Freitag store in Berlin. It’s not an actual bike shop, but where I got a free fixed-gear to ride and talked to Martin, who was working there that day. We discussed art, culture, Obey, urban, and everything else until a rush of customers came in.


Another conversation(s) I had in a shop, that made it into the presentations I did in 2010, was at WorkCycles with Henry and Marc from Amsterdamized

The most favorite shop is when we’re at home in Seattle. That’s Elliot Bay Bicycles and where they make our Davidsons.

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