Maui Mapped

pollack, plant car

Pollock with Plants Car aging in an Upcountry field

Below are select rides from our Maui vacation. Note we’re riding base here with the emphasis on time and not speed or mileage. Also the 3G network here is spotty, so there are dead spots. The hardest ride we do is Upcountry – harder than the volcano, cause of the relentless rollers with steep pitches.

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These rides are best enjoyed when you’re in shape and with a compact or 39 x 26/27. Note that all of these rides are done with ever-present traffic and eventually you’ll just tune out the rental cars like an overly chatty cyclist on a long ride. I’ll take good roads with shoulders as a tradeoff for the annoyance of cars. When you get an hour or more out of town, the traffic drops off considerably.

I’m using the Reecharge using while here and the Bike Brain app.

We enjoy the Maui beaches too. Snorkel and body surf after riding, but Upcountry is special. A religious person would describe it as “God’s Country.” It fascinates us because in a few hours you pass multiple climate zones. Climb up the Volcano and see even more.

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