3rd Annual Holiday Party

Artwork drawn by Karl, who draws a lot

Our 3rd Annual Holiday Party is next week at Elliott Bay Bicycles and we hope you can join us. We’ll have beer, snacks, Mahan hand-making Suffer Faces shirts like this,

a Biologic Trunk Sale, and deals on our gear.

Tall Bike Cross!

The most interesting man alive? We’d vote for he who races a tall cross bike, while women blow horns for him

tall bike cross

No need to shoulder that thing

and grandmas keep watch.

tall bike cross

Remount by stepping into the frame

America First

This bicycle riders in parade on the Fourth of July at Vale, Oregon photo from the LOC has so much Americana, it can’t wait for the next 4th. I wonder where are those bike-decorating kids now?

Uploaded by The Library of Congress | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Cyber Monday for Cyclists

From an old Panasonic bike ad that predicted the future

Cyber Monday sounds like the day when Skynet becomes self-aware, when the Sarah Connors of the world get real nervous, or robots commute to work on bikes with their babelicious coworkers. But it’s another retail holiday and we’ve got a retail business to run too – you’ll never find us at the mall. So here are some Cyber Monday deals for cyclists, including our own Kickstand that sold very well over the weekend.

A box of Kickstands

an iPhone holder on sale for $3.00

Grass Track Racing: Fixies on grass, skinny jeans optional

I was thinking about the now famous xtranormal short “Hipsters Discussing Cyclocross” and how the two characters wondered if fixed gear bikes could be used for cyclocross.

Well, at least in the MFG and Seattle Cyclocross series, fixed gear bikes are specifically excluded. I can’t really see how fixies could be anything other than a liability to a rider and those around him on the courses that I raced, but there is a tradition of fixed gear racing on flat grass tracks in the UK. All you need is a big, relatively smooth grass field and brakeless fixies, then voila! You get the lovechild of cyclcross and track racing. This could be a rad idea. For equipment I’d specify brakeless fixies with a strict max tire width of 32mm or maybe even 30mm. Though that would exclude converted MTB fixes, it would lure hoards of street fixies with the idea of a fairly level playing field.

I could see Pabst sponsoring the grass track Madison races, where partners take a handsling with a Tallboy.

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