With the Boo Berry

Will stuff a jersey pocket full of Boo Berry for the ride this afternoon.

boo berry

Maybe the B-Boys, Pop Your Ballon will shuffle in too with these raps:

Because I’m built for speed like a Tour de France bike

Yes, we make it happen with the rappin’
With the crunch with the Cap’n and the Boo Berry
With Count Chocula, the sound that you love
We’ve been getting fly with the highest above

Pumpkin on a Bike Rack

Nice rack for a pumpkin with lights and a ghost dangling on the back.

Happy Halloween.

Uploaded by Northwoods Trekker | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei


A woman looks at Forever Bicycles

Photo: Reuters, Pichi Chuang

Forever bicycles is included in Ai Weiwei’s new exhibit in Taiwan. It’s an incredible, arching layer of a thousand bikes and reflects’s Ai’s perception of the rapid pace of China’s social change.

A man admires the work

Photo: Getty

Another looks on

Photo: Getty

In the few years we’ve ridden in China, we’ve seen massive change, including the bike. This work is like Ai took a bike pile and lifted it up into the ceiling of a fine art gallery where the world’s bicycles are made.

When I saw the One on One bike pile, I thought, at some point that’s going to become self aware and crawl out of this basement and fill the bike lanes of this city.

One on One Bicycle Studio

Hufnagel Tailight

Hand made taillight housing. Custom glass lens by Blake Hudson.

Uploaded by Hufnagel Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Don’t Drop Baby Into Randy’s Crack

Now that’s dedication, can’t find a sitter, BabyBjorn the boy up! But don’t drop it into Randy’s crack …

Must not crash with baby

Steady, Steady,

Cleared It

The entrance to Randy’s Crack, a new course feature, was tight and hard for the first MFG Cyclocross fields of the day at Magnuson Park. The crack was an access road between grassy knolls and we’ll post more photos after a ride today.

Randy’s Crack was popular

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