The Gloves Fit!

Cameron showed us her new gloves at the bike shop and we said, “Damn! We can’t acquit! Those fit.”

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Commuter Challenge Cross Edition


A commuter arrived at these stairs when I did. He was riding home and I was in the middle of a cross workout. He rode up the road and I ran the stairs with a cross bike on my shoulder. Without saying anything to each other, it turned into a race. It was “on.”

I beat him to the top by a second or so. I was breathing heavy, gasping, and his face was on fire red. As we passed each other, I said, “next Wednesday, same time, Bro.” Round two.

That edition of the Commuter Challenge was not much harder than the one in London. Every ride is a race there.

Update with Video

Don’t know if Old Trek & Safety Vest read this post yesterday or what, but he passes me on the sidewalk spinning like mad. Then cuts me off at the top of the climb. He won that race I didn’t know I was in.

Paris Fixed

Just a few minutes off the train and walking to a cafe in Paris, I spotted this fixie last month. He was nice enough to stop for a photo and I saw more around the city. Velibs too. Today the NYT noticed fixed in Paris too

For years, they have been the showy accessories of the fashion-forward, urban 20-or-30-something set — hipsters, that is — from Brooklyn to San Francisco. They have long been fetishized, too, in Tokyo and London.

It has taken more time for the elegant fixed-gear bicycle to catch on in ever-reticent Paris, but the style is now decidedly in vogue.

The same thing happens whenever I travel in Europe and Asia. For whatever cultural reasons, we’ve aligned fixed-gear bicycles with hipsterism in the States. Meanwhile, they’re more popular than ever with youths abroad. I’d argue for reasons more than fashion. They’re like skateboards and skate culture instead of a fashion accessory.

Fixed Mag is launching tomorrow to represent that culture and we’re back in Paris this weekend. Maybe I’ll find a fixie to ride from Freitag like I did in Berlin.


Will rent a Velib for sure. Terns aren’t ready yet, or we’d travel with and unfold one of them there.

Training Wheels

Outside our local coffee shop, Art Cafe. Owen and his dad James stopped in to have a morning snack before heading out on their day. Training Bike

St. Raphael of Mud

St. Raphael of Mud

Mentioned the rains were coming earlier this week and they did for a day. The trails and parks are muddy. I get as technical as any gear head on the road bike during a wet winter. For early Autumn weather, though, it’s classic Merino wool jerseys.

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