Kruger’s Kermesse 12: A Race and Good Party

At Kruger’s Kermesse, they know how to make a bike race into a party with good food, dollars beers, and a vegetable-based relay.


Sausages on the barby


Dollar beers on tap


Vegetable relay and this team did it Madison style


Hodala on a late Summer day

I raced single speed on the Hugga Hodala and felt good. Lost some time in traffic. As I wrote Retweet on Twitter

Felt like Museeuw on the cobbles roaring through farm fields and into a midpack finish. Lucky Flanders edition Lazer helmet helped.

Also got extra motivation from @heidiswift’s heckling.

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More Bicycles in Manga

I’ve mentioned cycling in manga in a previous entry, but I just came across another title called Noririn. I know absolutely nothing about it, but judging by the immensely detailed drawings of equipment, the series might be more than ten years old. I thought, Hey, this could be fun to read. But then within a few pages a girl bunny hops a Lotus Superbike over the hood of a Mitsubishi sportscar…..strangely I am willing to suspend disbelief so that every other high school adolescent pilots a giant robot or was actually raised since birth to be an assassin, but I draw the line at highly improbably bike manuevres.

Noririn manga capture

WickWerks Cyclocross chainrings

WickWerks 01

I just got some cyclocross chainrings from WickWerks. Last season I ran a wide-range 10sp cassette with a 39T or 42T single ring up front. I was pretty impressed with how well that worked while racing or even commuting, but this time I want to go with a double ring setup on a compact crank, 11-28 or 11-25 cassettes. I figured a 44/34T combination would work best for me, since I like to spin. Most of the cyclocross ring combinations are 46/36T. I tried a TA Specialties 44T ring because it was one of the few 44T x 110bcd rings with pickup pins to aid shifting. In actual use, it sucked. If I put any power at all on the pedals, the chain could not be coaxed onto the big ring. Then I found out that Wickwerks makes a 44/34T combo for CX. I guess it makes sense since they sponsor Katie Compton, the most dominant American cyclocrosser ever, who has been using that ratio since before Wickwerks sponsorship (in fact, she used TA rings prior. Coincidence she changed?)

Betabrand’s Sense of Humor

This is another one of those “thank god for Facebook” finds—Betabrand grabbed me with an ad for Bike to Work khakis, with reflective cuffs and pocket-thingeys. But while surfing the site I hit the BetaLabs link and first found the Caperon (it’s part cape, part apron) but was smacked in the face with the “Vagisoft Blanket.


There’s even a handy Soft-o-Meter, which indicates that the blanket is softer than a pouch of a “cloud kangaroo” but not as soft as “the womb of a marshmallow mermaid.”

These are my people.

A Burner’s Bike in Purple

Was in the shop slamming the stem on our Aero Road Project and spotted this purple bike.

A purple Burner bike

Thought, “that looks like a Burner’s Bike,” and yep it is. The owner is taking that bike with him to Burning Man tonight. We’ve seen bikes from Burning Man every year we’ve published this blog. Need to get there sometime for a Mobile Social. 7x7FS just posted Burner bike tips from the Playa Pros.

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