Apple Found My Phone

Apple’s Find My Phone service has been around since iOS launched last year. Today, the service found my phone after it bounced out of my jersey pocket on a trial. I noticed it wasn’t in my jersey mid ride and thought I left it on the work bench. When I got home, it wasn’t there, looked around a bit and then checked the map. There it was.

find my phone

I knew the exact spot.

found my phone 2

I had to duck under a thorny vine, throw the bike sideways, back onto the trail and down the hill. I didn’t hear the phone hit the ground, cause it’s soft dirt. Sent a message to the phone, in case someone had found it, or it was worried like me.

found 1

I picked it up just as a kid was walking by.

Toronto’s Neon Bike Fights the Good Fight

Tweeted Retweet about Neon Bike of Toronto last week.

It all began when Caroline Macfarlane noticed a rusty bike locked to one of the city’s downtown bike stands. For six months, Macfarlane watched the bike gather rust as no owner showed up to retrieve it.

Macfarlane, who works at the student gallery of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), saw the bike near campus on Dundas Street West. Working with fellow artist Vanessa Nicholas, Macfarlane decided to transform the bike from eyesore to eye-catching.

“It occurred to me that the Raleigh had never been moved from that spot for as long as I could remember,” Macfarlane wrote on her blog. “It was a permanent fixture on the street, a gorgeous skeleton of an antique bicycle long forgotten.”

The article indicated the City was going to to remove the bike. Today the Toronto Star reports the Neon Bike gets a reprieve and there’s been, “a temporary ceasefire appears to have been reached in the ‘war on creativity’.”

We say “Go Neon Bike GO!” Fight the good fight!

Our friend Martin shot this photo of Neon.

neon bike

See our posts from our rides in Toronto last year.


A modern art woman on a bike in Milan.

Uploaded by acme59 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Shoes Tight

Another click of the shoe buckle before a spin around the track.

Uploaded by Brenton Salo | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


That’s one fancy headtube badge.

Uploaded by rdf1249 | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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