Benedetto with Bike

In Vegas, with Adidas, AND a track suit. You’d have to try real hard to pack that much style into your next ride.

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Quick Draw

See that’s where you want to holster a beer, not on your bike swaying back and forth and scuffing the finish.

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The Race Number Cap

Race Number Cap

I’m a big fan of the jerseys from the folks at Elevengear (even if their website was designed to make one’s eyeballs fall out). I happily sport several of their jerseys, including the Republic of Anerobia and the Poseur jersey. I’m not a huge racer (by which I mean I’m too slow to race but many of my friends are and they’ve got their old race numbers plastered all over their houses. Wouldn’t it be great if they could do something better with those numbers? Like recycle them into a racing cap? (Okay, there are lots of events that use Tyvek numbers too, and that’s all you need to get a cap made).

The new Race Number Cap is their latest genius idea. I’m thinking of getting one made but using USPS Tyvek shipping envelopes. It can be my US Postal cap, if anyone gets it.

Important Notice from Bob

Slide 13 from the Original Mark V’s Bike Shop Confidential presentation tomorrow during Built at WebVisions. Matt Haughey, Scott Benish, Ginevra Kirkland, and more are talking too.

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Hincapied it!

Hincapied it!

Local strongman racer James Stangeland, in his own words, “Pulled a Hincapie on my commute just now and magically avoided crashing. Managed to avoid shitting myself as well (barely). Fuuuuuuuck!!!”

That’s an aluminum steerer that’s been sheered while riding and to truly “Hincapie it”, you’d have to have had great legs right before and then fall onto cobbles or a ditch, but hey!

Jamie survived and let’s hope this never happens to you. The reason this type of failure is called a “hincapie” is George Hincapie – a famous bike racer – crashed in a big bike race when his steerer tube sheared just like this.

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