Year of the Rabbit Saddle

Year of the Rabbit Saddle

The Year of the Rabbit saddle was just shared with me and I’m happy about it. With the Chinese New Year right around the corner on January 22nd, I’m stoked to get Velo‘s commemorative saddle early this year. And, I have just the bike for it at the cabin. Velo is celebrating 40 years and you’ve most likely ridden a product they make.

Year of the Rabbit Saddle
Year of the Rabbit Saddle

The rabbit design is printed on the Angel Revo launched last year. The Angel Revo is impressive and attractive. Here’s what I said then, “Bike Hugger received a sample. I can confirm, it’s of the highest quality like all Velo products. According to the press release.” Continued…

AtmosFoam is lightweight and provides incredible support for the rider’s sit bones, improving comfort and performance. Including nitrogen in the foaming process results in a lighter, more responsive foam compared to other compounds with finer pore structures. In fact, the microcells are more evenly distributed, providing consistent rebound and shock-absorbing capabilities. It also provides lower thermal conductivity, keeping contact with the saddle cooler in hotter weather conditions.

That Angel Revo one is on my fatbike. The monkey is going on my gravel bike. Velo’s modern saddles are made with eco-friendly materials. Equally important, those materials outperform existing, petroleum-based tech.

That’s good stuff and from the leading maker of saddles in the world.

Year of the Rabbit Saddle Angel Revo Features

  • AtmosFoam – Using nitrogen to eliminate harmful, chemical additives that outperform
  • EuphoraBase – an environmentally-friendly, plant-based plastic shell
  • Y-Cutout – pressure relief channel
  • Recycled Omni Saddle Cover
  • Dimensions: 248x148mm
  • Year of the Rabbit design
  • Steel rails

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