Yakima Highroad Rack

An upgrade from the popular Yakima Frontloader rack, the Highroad is significantly easier to use in a slimmer, lower profile form. While understanding the need to establish retail price points, the extra $40 is well worth it because the design is so much better. And, it is a 5-minute install on the roof rails with tensioned rubber straps.

I think the Highroad should just be Yakima’s wheel-hoop style rack, or at least the one I recommend, and that’s because of the at-times awkward placement of the bike on the rack with the Frontloader. The Highroad wheel hoop is adjustment free, with a ratcheting mechanism and larger tightening knob.

In comparison, the Frontloader requires extra steps to pick the right wheel size, then place the front wheel in the front hoop, flip the rear hoop up, and tighten with multiple turns.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it takes twice the time when you have bikes with different wheel sizes or swap between road and mountain. With the Highroad, you just stuff the wheel into the front hoop, ratchet the rear, turn the tightening knob a few times, and you’re done. Again, it’s only $40.00 more for better features.

The wheelstrap is also improved and secures the rear wheel with a tug instead of a latch.


  • New wheel hoop fits 26” to 29” wheels and tires from 23mm to 3.25” with no adjustment needed
  • Newly integrated TorqueRight™ knob quickly and easily secures the bike with precision
  • Requires no wheel removal and makes no contact with the bike frame – a great option for carbon fiber bikes and custom paint jobs
  • Sleek, low profile tray minimizes hatch interference
  • Tool-free, universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks
  • Add your own bike lock to the integrated lock loop for additional bike security when your vehicle is parked
  • Easily convert to integrate with T-Slot crossbars with the addition of a SmarT-Slot Kit
  • Add SKS Locks (2) to the included TailWhip™ cable to secure your bike and mount to your roof rack (sold separately)

Order the Highroad direct from Yakima or from Amazon for $183.20. The Frontloader costs $142.99. Both accept Yakima’s locks too, so no one steals it off your car.


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