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Just about halfway through uploading our magazine to Medium and pausing to share a video they just made about their paywall. How it works, what it costs, and all that.

What we’re doing there is monetizing 40+ issues of content that have been without a home since the company that made our magazine app quit. I explain what’s going on in this post and encourage you to sign up.

The tl;dr version is: Medium subscribers pay $5 a month for unlimited articles and our bike-related content is on their site. As participants in their program, Bike Hugger gets paid by participation on the articles; there’s a formula to it, but again put simply is by view count. The more views on our content, the more we make.

ZV-1 Pre-Order

If you hate paywalls and will never pay for content, our web content will continue as it has done for over 10 years with ads. 

Issues 1-21 are available now and here’s how to find them:

If you’re wondering how Medium is working out for us, here’s how I responded to a comment about that. 

You know like there’s no money in radio, but is in concerts? That’s the analog I like to use. The Medium paywall is our small venue for long form content and all the web/facebook stuff is like a 3 minute song on the radio. We give it away.

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