Our Magazine is Back On Medium

3 years of Articles Plus New Ones

In March of this year, I learned the company that made our magazine (an iOS app), 29th Street Publishing, was closing shop, and issue number 43 was the last one we’d publish. Ever since then I’ve been working on where to put 3 years of archives and where to start publishing again. Medium is the obvious place, but with no revenue model at the time, it didn’t make financial sense.

Now with Medium Memberships and the Partner Program, we can paywall the content again, and offer it for you to read ad-free. Membership costs $5 a month and as a Partner, me and Bike Hugger authors will get paid by the views on the articles.

Read this explainer on how membership works. Behind an “open paywall,” the more people that read our magazine content, the more we get paid.

That’s way better than NOT getting paid and the content just sitting on my hard drive collecting dust after the app closed.

I’ve migrated 3 issues so far and the articles are collected in our publication here, under the magazine tag. After moving over the rest of the issues, I’ll work on issue 44.

It took 8 months, but I’m happy to share the news and hope you become a Medium member.

Also, thanks for being a part of what Bike Hugger does. Remember, the more you read member-only content on Medium, the more the authors get paid, including us.

For an archive version of our magazine with ads and up to issue 7, see the magazine archive here. With no practical way to paywall content on WordPress, we’ll just leave that there.

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