What We’ve Been Waiting For From Lance

Oprah Lives!

Oprah Graffiti

With so many punches pulled for so long on Lance, the fists of fury are flying and let them – there’s a sports catharsis going on and us cyclists need to vent.

As more lurid details from the Lance investigation emerge and he appears on Oprah this week for an expected confession, speculative tweets and statuses from everyone are being sent. It’s like when Tiger announced he was a sex addict and went into rehab or maybe when Jimmy Swaggart told America he’d sinned.

I predict a steely-eyed, on-message presentation of the new redemption narrative and for those seeking fame like him, a lesson in narcissistic, sociopathic performance art. I wrote about that in my lo-fi channel on Medium

It’ll play out like this: LA comes clean, Comeback 3.0 the Redemption, writes tell-all book, sells script, net worth doubles, attorneys get paid. The Lance friendlies and those that never doubted welcoming him back. Yellow memorabilia will vibrate into action.

and Xeni said, “A Million Little Pieces of Yellow Wristband.”

Why are cyclists so vocal when it seems we should’ve moved on already, Jason Gay addresses in the WSJ

If you care about pro cycling you get used to being swept aside in the cultural mainstream. You’re accustomed to cycling being a low priority. When you watch pro cycling on TV, it’s always on the funny channels at the end of the dial, next to stations that sell abdominal flexors and pantyhose that also make waffles. You get used to the fact that bike racing in the U.S. is mostly an unglamorous place.

When the nation’s attention turns to our unglamorous sport, we wave our hands like an angry mob on CNN holding up DopeStrong signs. Remember when Lance was the Patron, we were proud to ride and race, spinning a stupid-high cadence. Now it’s self-quantifying Strava segments and pink-flared jackets at fund-raising Fondos. What the F happened to Lance? And to our sport? Us?

And for those sick of it all, here’s a tired of bitches bitching about other bitches bitching and being bitches post from Cyclocosm.

Fire in the Belly

Buy me a beer at CX Worlds where I’m going to try and stoke the fire in the belly of this maligned sport and we can talk this more. Today the press leaks started about an emotional Lance we’re supposed to forgive so he can race again. Will you?

I’ll buy you a beer back, while we discuss this to the sound of cowbells clanging.

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