VeloBody on Review

I just got back from a couple weeks riding with in Hawaii. For most of the year, I don’t have to deal with extreme of conditions being from Seattle. The one “down side” (if you can really call it that) of riding in Hawaii is the heat and sweat and what that can do to your junk. This trip I brought along a tub of VeloBody. I’ve had a couple go-to brands over the years: one went out of business (Greyhound Juice) and one is getting damn expensive and hard to find (Assos). Velobody is a pretty comparable in thickness and feel so I was a fan from the start. It’s shea butter based, which seems to work well for me. VeloBody stays in place, no strong scent, not too greasy. After a long ride in the sun it seemed to do a good job – I like it.

VeloBody also makes a shave stick which I like was well. I struggled a bit with the form factor, so I pulled it out and housed it in a loofa bag which has been great. The thing I notice after shaving with it is the legs feel “pre-moisturized”. No need to get into the business of lotion after shaving. Not a bad option.

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