We ♥ le Tour

Like many, I get more jaded each year in the sport of cycling. The doping, controversies, fallen heroes, racing locally in parking lots, and so on. However, a stage like today’s Team Time Trial brings me and the crew right back to being in love with le Tour. Before that it was Cancellara rocketing to a win and Cavendish turning on the afterburners with his ego antics full on.

It’s Vive le Tour time here at Hugga HQ. Frank, a contributor and TDF blogger, noted

When the wheels start to turn, I can’t look away

Even Cap’n the Pug was watching today.


Love it or hate it, if you ride a bike you can’t deny it. As I wrote on Twitter, “Guaranteed, there’s a commuter heading to work now, that’s going to rip it up, in their own Team Time Trial.” Commuter Challenges are that much faster during le Tour and we see the Euros out on the bike paths, riders you never see, except in July. They’re kitted up like their heroes, throwing down on a lunch ride, and fancying themselves a climber on the way home.

This weekend at Redmond Derby Days and Seattle to Portland expect a faster pace with someone making up the seconds between placings.

Are you fired up about the Tour as well?. Really, did you imagine that Lance would have 0 seconds to yellow before the mountains or at all?

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