Timmy the Albino Lifeguard and Duffy Fixed

Of all the cyclists and bikes in pop culture and commercials, Timmy the Albino Lifeguard is the strangest.


Current Ads

  • Zyrtex allergy bike
  • Pink bike in a square for Ally
  • CSX cargo bikes
  • Green bikes for Centenary bank
  • Flowmax boys on bikes
  • Credit Report band riding a tandem

Ads that we know ran, but can’t remember the product

  • Group of cyclists going like 4 MPH with the guy wobbling
  • Investment bank had a “teamwork” one with racers in a paceline
  • Annoying one with a guy that had to commute with a bike instead of drive

Readers? What ads do you remember, there’s a lot of them. Bicycle ads, of course, have existed as long as bikes have. Like the one for Daws Bicycles. Some bike ads we won’t see here in the States, like Duffy riding a fixie through the grocery store, drinking a Diet Coke. Duffy gots some good bike handling skills, who knew?


Daws photo uploaded by laura@popdesign | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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