Vinco Performance Amazonite

Vinco Performance Amazonite

Vinco Performance Amazonite is announced this morning. That’s a new color for Vinco eyewear. Here is a story about Vinco from June. I’ve been wearing a pair ever since then. All in all what I like best is how they fit, are light, don’t slip or fog, and perform. Made from trees is a bonus.

Vinco sells the Sola and Terra (MSRP $249 a pair of $379 for a bundle). I wear both for road or mountain days. Another key point, the Sola lens is optimized for bright conditions. The Terra lens is optimized for overcast sky conditions. Vinco does not sell interchangeable lenses. For one thing, they don’t think frames that interchange last as long.

Occasionally gear just fits me perfectly and that’s how it is with Vinco as well as Kali, founded by another former Specialized designer who started their own company. The new Amazonite color matches most of my kit.

Sola in Amazonite
Sola in Amazonite

Vinco Performance Eyewear Product specifications

The Sola and Terra are made from Lignatura. That’s a carbon-neutral ultra-resilient bio-resin derived from a byproduct of paper production. It comes from controlled reforestation in Finnish forests. Vinco warranties the frames for 2 years and will replace them after you wear them out. Handmade in Italy, this eyewear feature adjustable temple tips and stainless steel lens attachment. For this reason, the Sola or Terra comes in 2 sizes for ultimate comfort and protection.

  • Measurements: 134mm wide (small) or 138mm wide (large)
  • Weight: 27g (small), 29g (large)
  • Customizable fit. Adjustable temple tips enable the perfect fit for diverse anatomy
  • Stainless spring-cam temple hinges
  • Frame material: Lignatura bio-resin
  • Lens material: Polyamide
  • Total coverage thanks to exclusive panoramic-view cylindrical lens
  • Stainless steel hardware retains the lens in the frame — no matter the impact (ANSI Z80.3 impact tested).
  • Colors: Slate black, Salt grey, Rhodonite pink, Amazonite
  • Warranty: 2 years concurrently

There are many reasons to buy Vinco, as shared above. Renewable, stylish, and thoughtfully designed. Pick one of those reasons are all. Additionally, the lens coating performs like a very high-quality polarizer filter I’d use on a camera lens.

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