Velocouture in NYT

nyt_dutch.jpgThe fashionable Plain-Clothes Cyclist makes the NYT in an article from David Colman, who asks if New York can become New Amsterdam.

Sure, many of us would say, as if! Still damn nice to have bike culture represented in the mainstream media, even if some of the photos seem strained. Like, a model wrestling a Brompton and what’s a male model to do when he gets bike grease on a Prada suit?

Colman praises Dutch bikes and includes a slide show and interactive feature. Gary Fisher Simple City, Vintage Raleigh, and more are shown. That’s a good get for their PR. Trek must’ve missed the call for their District.

Also, see How City Bikers Look Sharp – no word on what to do when it’s hot and you sweat up your Dolce Gabana. Just this week, reader Bikeskirt tweeted:

I would like to apologize to my coworkers for the fact that I rode to work in my work clothes … did not expect it to be this hot.

New Yorkers have room for extra showers in those buildings, right?

Photo: David Roemer for The New York Times

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