Summer Rides

I’m planning my first ride of the season tomorrow, getting ready to ramp up for the summer ride schedule. For those of us who aren’t quite into the racing or commuter scenes, here’s a recap of Seattle’s most popular summer rides.

  • Flying Wheels Summer Century (June 13, 2009). With a finish line festival at Marymoor Velodrome, this event offers 25-, 45-, 65- and 100-mile loops through some of the area’s scenic foothills. Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture though, the hills offer a surprising challenge.

  • Livestrong Challenge (June 21, 2009). Beginning and ending at Seattle Center, the event offers a 5k run/walk in addition to 10-, 45-, 70- and 100-mile loops around the city and surrounding area.

  • Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (July 11-12, 2009). Celebrating it’s 30th year, STP offers a one- and two-day ride to Portland, for a total of 200 miles. (Actually, it’s about 204 miles, and there’s an obscenely brutal hill about 2 miles from the finish line.)

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