Urban Assault Ride – Seattle 2010

P1040774 Yesterday was Seattle’s chance to get serious about some big wheels and beer at New Belgium Brewery’s Urban Assault Ride. For the Seattle date, the event was held in support of Bike Works. I wasn’t able to attend, but I did catch up with a few participants who had nothing but great things to say about the event.

Lisa Miller is one of the fine people that make cycling happen in Seattle. She and her Ragnarok Racing team put on some great cross races in the fall. Some serious folks in pink and baby blue – here’s what she had to say about the event:

“This was the first year that any of us Ragnarokers participated in the event and we really didn’t know what to expect. We were all pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had, what a great workout we got (this coming from bike racers – that’s huge), and simply how “cool” this event is. Ending the day with our favorite New Belgium beer was like frosting on the cake, what a treat! And adding the cause of BikeWorks, we couldn’t think of any better way to spend a day on our bikes. Our entire team will no doubt support this awesome event with great enthusiasm in 2011!”

And a couple other folks for the Ragnarok Squads:

“Would do that race again in an instant!”

“I was glad that I actually had to use my brain and not just my brawn.”

“Man, my legs are wasted.”

UPDATE: A friend of mine did a great write up here about his experience: Criminale Blog.

Sounds like a blast. I’ll be there next year for sure.

Photo’s from Lisa Miller of Ragnarok Racing P1040785

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