Trio 3-In-One Fitness Sensor

At about $50.00 less than a Fitbit, the Trio 3-In-One Fitness Sensor works with your smartphone and related apps, like MapMyWalk, to monitor and report back on your workouts in a light and comfortable housing. It’s a minimalist biometric sensor with an optical heart rate monitor. If you just want to know your heart rate and cadence for a workout—run or walk— in our demo, it was out of the box, and ready in about 2 minutes.


At first, your friends may think you’re on lockdown with a tracking bracelet, but it was lightweight and comfortable to wear. What’s missing from the apps on your phone is a heart rate monitor and cadence, so if you want to see your workout say while on a business trip or during the week at work, it’s an effective tracker.

Based on Valencell’s technology, the Trio costs $99.00. I like the Trio for the same reason I prefer Powertaps PowerCal as a power meter. Any tracking is better than no tracker, if you’re into tracking.

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