Issue 39 Just Dropped


Our 39th issue just dropped on iTunes and the Web, the theme is pressure. To that topic, we have this to say

You must learn, Grasshopper, that to ride hard, you must first ride soft. Soft on your tires; hard on your pedals. In all things, there is an action and a reaction, a yin and a yang. Do not fight the road with tire pressure, for you are only fighting yourself. Let yourself ride faster by letting some air out of your tires.

And, quite a bit more….the articles include

  • Road Bikes on Dirt
  • Small Towns, Taverns, and Drop Bars
  • Exploro: Going Slow Fast
  • Giant Bicycles: No Longer 27.5 or Bust?
  • Otso Cycles Launches With Two Bikes
  • Pivot Announces their 2017 Vault
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • U.P. Preview
  • Pressure Drop

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