Trek Madone Gen 8

Trek Madone 8

Trek Madone Gen 8 launched this week and it’s even more IsoFlow. For what IsoFlow is, see this post about Gen 7. and what I said then.

Instead of air getting dirty between your legs, it flows through the downtube and out behind you. Less discussed in the dramatic frame design is the raised bottom bracket area and how tightly spaced the bottle cages are. The seatpost binder is hidden too.

As you’d expect Trek Madone Gen 8 is lighter, faster, and more compliant. It features even more IsoFlow integration and aims to combine the benefits of both aero and climbing bikes into a single model. In other words, Trek’s lightest bike is also now their most aero.

Trek Madone Gen 8
Ready to climb, roll the flats, and spring.

Trek Madone 8: Best of Both Worlds

How Trek explained it in a briefing I attended

The Madone Gen 8 replaces both the Madone Gen 7 and Émonda, yet its impact goes beyond any single model. With the Madone Gen 8, Émonda riders now experience enhanced aerodynamics, while Madone enthusiasts benefit from a lighter design that offers superior climbing performance.

Trek also updated the IsoFlow to absorb more road chatter. During the briefing, we saw a Madone in a test jig and how much flex there is. It’s more than you think.

This fast, light Trek has a wide range of sizes and price points. Learn more from your local Trek dealer or online.

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