Track the 2013 Race Calendar

A small package came in the mail today from Rapha, and inside it a clever little printed guide to the 2013 race calendar of cycling events where Team Sky will be competing. Rapha Guide

Part cycling bible, part marketing tool, the book includes pages for each of the race along with a history of the race and places to jot down the race’s key figures. It’s a bit of a journal and a bit of an historical marker that reminds me of the 33 Cups of Coffee guide books I gave to some of my staff at my coffee shop.

In addition to the pages of maps and race descriptions there is also a sheet containing stickers for the first three events of the seasons. The rest of the stickers can be picked up at the races from Rapha staff, or will be included with orders of Rapha gear.

My pack (as it was sent from Chris in Marketing) seems to have all the stickers, which means I now have an all-in-one decoration kit for our espresso machine.

The Rapha guide is available for $10 on the Rapha website.

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