In Taiwan, Pacific Cycles Museum


Magnesium wonder

If not for the timing, we’d join the bike industry at the Taipei International Cycle Show this weekend. The show overlaps with SXSW and that’s where we ride and evangelize the bike annually. So I’m sharing photos from a visit to Pacific Cycle’s Museum last year when I was in Taiwan for a media event.

Posted earlier this month on Pacific and their influence and this is another follow up to the work they do. Don’t let their quirkiness of the bikes in the collection convince you that Pacific just makes whacky stuff, they were the first to bring CAD and CNC to the industry, as well as 3D printing.

Living the technology

Living the Technology

If you find yourself in Taiwan and/or working in the industry, a trip to see what George has collected is highly recommend.

Slay the Slalom

Slay the Slalom

See the rest of the photos on G+ or Flickr. How many bikes did you recognize?

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