Topeak CubiCubi Light Series is Modular

Topeak CubiCubi Light Series

The Topeak CubiCubi Light Series is a modular light system comprised of ultra-bright, high capacity USB rechargeable lights, offering multiple options in a single bike mount. I chose 1200 lumens of light output, while they offer 950 and 500 versions.

Each light also offers five lighting settings, has a low battery indicator plus a reserve setting–just in case. You can also choose between different cartridge batteries allowing you to fine-tune your needs even further. The cube design is why it’s called CubiCubi. Topeak isn’t offering a rear light and for that I’d suggest the BioLight PowerLight Mini.

Topeak CubiCubi Light Series
Topeak CubiCubi Light Series

The light’s lamp housing is forged aluminum / injection molded polymer making it light-weight, yet sturdy when mounted. The CubiCubi has a dual zone refractor lens design allowing clear near and far visibility while focusing the main beam downward to prevent blinding oncoming traffic or pedestrians. The other cyclists on the path will appreciate this.

It’s too early to think about short days and long nights, but I’m riding now with lights on all the time.

Topeak CubiCubi Light Series
Topeak CubiCubi Light Series

The included and optional handlebar mounts provide placement flexibility for mounting to cycle computers, phone mounts, cameras, and more. The CubiCubi 1200 is IPX6 water resistant, which is very relevant to the wet Pacific Northwest.

Optional accessories include a helmet mount, USB Dual-Charging Dock, a 6000 mAh PowerPack (rechargeable via micro-USB), and a Dual Box mount (allowing you to mount two lights at once or one light and an extra battery for the long rides)

Topeak CubiCubi Light Series

The CubiCubi Series is available for purchase online at

Topeak CubiCubi Light Series MSRP

  • CubiCubi 500 / 850 / 1200 $99 / $119.95 / $139.95
  • 6000 mAh power pack: $49.95
  • Helmet Mount: $24.95
  • Dual Box: $12.95

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