The Swift Campout in Idaho

Seattle’s Swift Industries built a brand in a fast few years by creating high-quality, beautifully-designed products for a particular community: bike commuters and bike tourers.

A Swift boxy bike bag sits on the front of my personal bike. Writing about them since 2012, we’ve also been following their evolution, and what they’re doing with the annual Solstice Campout.

So scenic we stopped for the photo.

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The campout is a global call for riders to get out of town on a bike-camping adventure with friends. Riders can join up with local Campouts published on their site, or they can do their own thing.

For this year, Coal Headwear decided to build their own ambitious 4-day backcountry route in rugged Central Idaho. They invited friends from Tenkara Rod Co. and Latigo Coffee to join them, and opened up the ride to anyone else who might be interested, ultimately making a crew 14 deep from Seattle, PDX, LA, SLC, Denver, Boise, and Bozeman.

Also as the edit below shows, in the mix were 2 videographers and 4 photographers they documented the adventure.

Coal isn’t a brand I’m familiar with, but snowboarders love to camp too. And, maybe they’ll get into fat biking in the snow this winter?

Regardless, watch the video…it sure looks like they had a great time in Idaho. I’m also enjoying the transition to riding a sporty 650b bike as I’ve been talking about this year.

Seattle has changed so much, but riding a Davidson around is just like the old times. I’m packing quite a bit of stuff in that bike too. It’s my rolling test jig and has far exceeded all expectations of a custom bike made even better with a boxy bike bag.

While I don’t bike camp like Swift and Coal, I appreciate what they’re doing, the vibe, and getting out into the trees with bikes, good friends, and camping gear.



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