The Single Steed Challenge from Open

Single Steed Challenge

The great thing about the bike business these days is there’s a niche for everyone. For those cyclists into having one bike to do it all there’s even a race. Just announced, the Single Steed Challenge is a raffle and an opportunity to prove how an Open can compete on gravel and single track.

From the Best of Both PR

In celebration of our all-new and super-challenging “single steed quiver killer” category—presented by Open Cycles, we are delighted to raffle the all new Open Wi.De

The Wi.DE launched just last week and updates the already very capable U.P. to accept mountain bike tires sizes. The raffle supports Bend based OAS, a nonprofit that facilitates fully equipped recreational programs and events for athletes with disabilities.

Single Steed Challenge at Wanoga SnowPark

Staging at the Wanoga snowpark on the lower slopes of Mount Bachelor, the Best of Both combines 62-miles of epic paved roads, and 23-miles of famed, Bend, single-track, into one stunning 85-mile race course.

Open thinks you can do it on one bike, switching wheel sets perhaps, and so do I. Even before the Wi.DE was announced, I’ve ran fast 32s on my UP and WTB 2.1s for North Cascades single track.

What I’m excited about is dropbar mountain bike is not only back, but better than ever. Why would you want to ride a road bike with mountain bike tires and discs on dirt roads?

Because it’s light, agile, and fast. You’ll have enough tire volume to soak up most of the bumps. And, the best stoke for me comes from picking lines on a double-track, forest service road, and rolling tempo high up in the North Cascades. Where the only interruption is views and wildlife instead of cars and construction in the big city.

I ride for pleasure now, but I understand the competitive spirit and if I was still racing would enter the Best of Both to prove to myself there is one bike to do it all.

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