Return to Earth: Official Trailer Premiers this Week

Return to Earth: Official Trailer

Return to Earth: Official Trailer. The latest from Anthill Films is a cinematic journey that proves when we lost track of time, we make the most of it. This film is about the simple act of living completely in those moments. A cinematic journey, connected by true-to-life examples set by riders of all ages around the world, who prove that when we lose track of time, we make the most of it.

Find a showing near you. Return to Earth plays in Seattle, like North of Nightfall did, on June 20.

Return to Earth: Official Trailer PR:

We increasingly live in a culture of distraction; constantly conducting our lives through 24/7 connectivity. We feed this attention economy with our most precious resource: our time. Time is either spent wisely or it is just spent. Second after second; minute after minute; moment after moment… they’re all there for the taking.

And, from PinkBike an interview with the makers of the film.

What’s the inspiration for the film?

Everything we do always comes back to the simple idea of trying to inspire people to just get out and ride their bikes. That’s always been the end goal. But there are different ideas behind the films that guide how we try to make that happen. For this film, we were influenced by the idea of digital distraction.

There’s this whole “attention economy” that is constantly trying to create new ways to get us spending as much time staring into our screens and phones as possible. As artists who make digital content designed to get people out on their bikes, we want to be part of a movement that is pushing back against that i.e. if we’re asking for your attention, we better make sure that it’s time well spent. 

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