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This One Time, Walked into a Pedicab Rodeo

You riding with us in Austin? Please do!

Austin is one of Bike Hugger’s collectively favorite cities thanks to the highly athletic population that happens to adore good food, drink and coffee. That’s one of the reasons we’ve headed to SXSW for so long and it’s the reason we’ve spent time in Austin as tourists as well.

This blog started because of a ride I did to Creedmoor Texas and back. That’s where I saw a lamb being born and a cactus in a tree. Later, buzzards and Mobile Socials

Freakiest thing I’ve seen is a buzzard eating a black cat while we were in Austin. Spooked me for days and still does. The scene occurred in front of a boarded up house, a few doors down from a Mega Church.

That still freaks me out and all the more reason to ride in Texas. If you haven’t already signed up for a SXCycles rental or our free bike and a phone promotion with Nokia, find a Southby bike with

Or what Susan does every year. She buys a cheap bike and leaves it behind. Whatever Southby bike modality you choose, it’s way better than back in the day when there were only two rental bikes in town and one was broken.

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