Riding Across a Prodigy Cover


Breathe with me

Yesterday I posted about Southby bikes and our animal-encounter origin story. That’s how Bike Hugger started, after I saw a lamb being born during a ride from Austin to Creedmoor Texas, a cactus in a tree, and then a buzzard eating a black act outside a boarded up megachurch.

Freaky shit I know.

Meanwhile down the coast from us in California, Richard from Cyclelicious was just riding along and found himself on a Prodigy album cover. Now that I’ve shared with you the lamb, buzzard, and cat creationism, also know these animal encounters

  • Rode through the middle of a cow carcass during the Tour of Willamette
  • Watched a crow fly through legendary mechanic Eamon Stanley’s rear wheel during our legendary ride to Snoqualmie Pass
  • Avoided the squirrel that jumped up onto a fender, off a shoulder, and the back of my fellow rider
  • Stopped to inspect a road kill badger (very cautiously cause badgers are mean)
  • Seen enough dead possums to conclude they are the stupidest animal
  • Rode over a seagull on Alki, felt really bad for about 32 seconds, until realizing there’s no shortage of seagulls (I also never liked that Jonathon Livingston Seagull novella)
  • Slowed way down and rode really cautiously past a small moose during our tour of South East Alaska (a small moose means a big moose is nearby)
  • Rode past a coyote hunting rabbits, while the sun broke through black storm clouds

And that’s the theme for Issue 10 of our Magazine that contributors are writing now. The issue will include stories from SXSW 14 too and I’m expecting to see more animals out in the Texas Hill Country while riding with Jeremy Dunn and Chris Distefano. When I told Chris we were going to ride to that boarded up megachurch, he said.

At which point I will transform into the unholy terror as has been prophesied for thousands of years. Prepare for hell, everyone.

Yeah and if lighting strikes twice and we see a buzzard, our drivetrains will get electrified and our tires forever sealed from flats.

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