The Best PressCamp Photos

Every year for the past 6, except one where I didn’t go, I get the post PressCamp blues. That’s because it’s the best media event I attend; including, some really fancy ones.

To explain it in a sentence, I asked Chad Battistone, one of the event’s principal’s for a quote

PressCamp at its core is a group of amazing people who would likely hang out on any given weekend anyway. We just add a time and a place and provide a solid format to get the most out of a few days.

And, I’m thankful for the time spent there. Riding the industry’s best bikes is super fun, sure. But it’s also because of the environment. I just get a charge out of the Wasatch Mountains and Deer Valley.

The featured photo on this post best represents it, though it’s not me.

Here I am.

Somewhere mid mountain with Pivot Cycles, Camelback, G-Form protection, and a Kali helmet.

This year, as I mentioned, David Schloss attended too representing Digital Photo Pro with a hard case full of gear. I had cinema lenses with me and shot 4K video I’m editing now into a short feature, like this, this, and this.

Until I get that edit done and uploaded, I hope you enjoy the best photos from the thousand I took and click through to the brands mentioned.

3T Strada
Boyd’s gravel wheel set.
Factor bikes.
It was like we were camping!
Neil Pryde’s best right here.
Bag balm works great.
Want. This. Ridley.
Another look at the Factor.
There’s fly fishing right outside the condo.

And, I hope to be back next year.

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