The Best 10 Speed Bikes from Sears

sears catalog

Our biking bros at Wired found a 30-year-old Sears catalog that offered Suteki Bikes

Suteki Bikes are built to meet the demands of serious bikers and have these features for lightness and high performance.

Remember my Sears bike was branded as a Sears and it was a 3 speed. That was the bike I Evel-Knievel’d the neighborhood kids and after a parent meeting, it was agreed that I’d not jump them anymore. I just barely hit the 5th one that wiggled too much away from the 4th. They were stacked lined up away from a ramp I made from plywood and a garbage can.

Those Sears bikes are still around (think mine was garage saled), like old Raleighs. I spotted one in a waterfront park in 07 and another in 09.

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