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The Audax

We’re writing Issue 04 of our magazine now and wanted to pause and thank subscribers for the downloads and subscriptions to the first 3 issues. As a decade-old blog and brand, we were confidant, but not entirely sure if our readers would pay for ad-free content. You did! It was a successful launch and we’re grateful with much more content planned, including a focus on adventure cycling. I’m riding for adventure with Rebecca Rusch this weekend in Sun Valley on a hundred miles of scenic gravel. You may remember, Rebecca and I rode snow bikes this past winter.

We’ll also feature the Audax, that’s Pfaltzgraff’s bike he welded himself that’ll handle gravel and whatever else he rides. PG designs our covers for us, refreshed our brand a bit, and our new kits being made now.

So we’re off for another ride and writing about it. Thanks again for being part of what we do and if you’re interested in the magazine too, it’s an iOS Newsstand app. The download is free and monthly subscriptions costs $1.99 or $3.99 per issue with subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production.

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