Tern Vizy

It’s that merino wool time of year…when the air is crisp, leaves are falling, and the days shorter. Working from a home office without a commute, I don’t need the “visible from space” lights commuters use. I do ride with daytime running lights or a bright blinky for safety.


More on the daytime running lights in another post (we just got some in) because during the Mobile Social, our friends at Tern shared their new Vizy with me.  The capsule review is: excellent form factor; standoff from seat tube/post, illumination of rider, and the rest of the good stuff like recharging, waterproofing.


And, the Vizy cost a reasonable $40.00. It’s available direct from Tern and shipping now. The key thing about this light is the downward-firing LED that creates a cone of brightness around the rider. Philosophically, Tern believes that the lumens of a rear light should illuminate the rider and their bike instead of projected into the eyes of oncoming drivers.

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