Tern is Making Bikes for Business

Tern just announced Bikes For Business. The program aims to help organizations integrate bicycles into their business operations.

Encouraging independent bicycle dealers, the program provides the materials needed to pitch the benefits of cargo bikes.

It sounds great.

Tern launched the program with a promo video. Similarly,  when I had a GSD demo in, I used it to zip around taking photos on assignment for Digital Photo Pro.

GSD for Business Details

Firstly, the program centers around the Tern GSD, a compact utility ebike that helps small businesses carry more and do more. Second, the GSD will carry bout 378 lbs. and stores small enough that a small fleet can fit into a van or food truck.

The flexible GSD adjusts to fit a wide range of riders and doesn’t require any insurance or license to operate. Avoiding traffic, the GSD will deliver faster and lower keeping costs.

Most noteworthy, the #BikesForBusiness program includes:

  • Pitch decks
  • Sample service/warranty contracts
  • Fleet management software and locking hardware.
  • GSD Customization options
  • Commercial accessory options

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