Bike Thieves Suck 3T Robbed

Bike thieves suck and suck even more more when they drill into a manufacturing building like it was a bank heist. Today, I learned 3T was robbed.

The theft included an irreplaceable frame set painted by Dario Pegoretti.

This morning, November 26th at 6.00am, around 6-8 masked people entered our factory building and stole all our display & demo bikes.

If you have any information that might help us to catch the thieves and recover our bikes, please let us know!

Plea for Help

This is terrible news for a brand we’ve been affiliated with for years; including, the launch of the Exploro and Strada. The thieves drilled a hole through a 1-meter thick wall to enter our warehouse.

As Rene, one of their founders, said

If any of you see any of our bikes offered on the internet, at stores or in any other way, and it looks suspicious, please let us know.

And keep a particularly eye on the Pegoretti bike.  Your help is greatly appreciated!


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