Tern GSD at The Seattle Bike and Outdoor Show

This weekend you can demo the Tern GSD at the Seattle Bike Show. A couple of weekends ago, I used it to get around Seattle documenting the viaduct and tunnel project.

It was my mobile studio and I took photos while riding it like this one

Battery Street Tunnel, taken while riding the Tern GSD.

and this one.

Apparently there were souvenirs?!

In case you missed it, Seattle’s Waterfront hasn’t changed this much since the Gold Rush. The elevated highway that runs along it has been replaced by a tunnel and is being torn down. The Viaduct Series I’m working on is capturing this historical event. I couldn’t have got the shots I did without the GSD.

That’s because Joe Towner from Pacific Northwest Medium format and I zoomed ahead of the Cascade ride and also maneuvered around the 10s of thousands of people saying goodbye to the viaduct and hello to the tunnel.

Joe was on the Specialized Turbo, another bike that serves its purpose. I was like the gear barge and he was the scout ship. As with any metro area, there’s no parking and it’s gridlocked.

With the GSD, I got shit done, literally.

The Tern GSD in the new SR 99 tunnel just before the Cascade ride. We rode through first to get ahead of the crowd and then took their photos. You can demo the GSD this weekend in Seattle and read the story on our blog.

Hundreds of Pounds Carried

At this start of this time-lapse from the Cascade ride, you can see me and Joe. The GSD carried a hundred pounds of gear plus me, from West Seattle to downtown, and back.

The best part is I barely put a dent in the battery life. You can demo a GSD and consider what you’ll get done with it too.

The Seattle Bike and Outdoor Show is at the CenturyLink Field Event Center and runs from both Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5. They’ll have a test track. I can’t promise there’s camera gear for you to carry, but you’ll get the idea of how capable Tern’s cargo bike is.



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