Swiftwick One Ole

Swiftwick One Ole

I’m a fan of good socks. My wife likes nice shoes – I like nice socks. The guys over at Swiftwick sent the Hugger a pair of their Ole One sock to try out. “The best sock you’ll ever wear” – not sure on that statement, but they are darn fine.

So first – a couple the drawbacks: The socks are bulky, but not so much that they made my shoes fit weird, but even with the fancy Olefin fiber I found they were too warm for my 85 degree day ride. The 1” cuff is also not for me. I don’t play on the LPGA and bike socks for me need to come up over my ankle bone. They offer higher-cuff options that I may end up picking up. Lastly – they are $12 which might be a bit over some folks’ sock price threshold.

Why do I like them? These socks felt awesome just putting them on. I put them on while sitting on the couch and just enjoyed having them on. They are pleasingly snug. I wore them around the house the full night when I first got them.

What will I use them for? I’ll wear them to work. They are super nice, and make the most uncomfortable dress shoes feel great. I hate dress socks so I try to get away with short bike socks in dark colors whenever possible. The Ole One will be my new favorite pair for the office.

I’ll probably be wearing them plenty for cyclocross. I think they are perfect for the fall weather and provide the confort and wicking that you want on those damn rides in the fall. For winter, I’d look at their Merino wool options. I like that they come in a higher option to go under my leg warmers and the fit is just so comfortable.

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